What Makes Frameless Glass Railings Better? A Custom Glass Railings Guide

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Trying to choose guardrails for your property without compromising on elegance and beauty?  Frameless glass railings can be the next best thing for your house. Frameless glass railings have a way of ascertaining safety without letting your property’s aesthetics take the back seat. You will get a wide assortment of glass railings in the market, but it is important to choose a company with established experience and legitimacy. After all, you do not want to get ripped off by a lesser known glass railing company after having spent a hefty amount.

At Custom Glass Railings, we offer frameless glass railings at affordable prices. Our catalog runs long and our experience makes us all the better. With us, you get reliable products and a skilled team. Our aim is to ensure customer satisfaction and we plan our job accordingly. For a sleek look, easy maintenance, safety, and customization options, frameless glass railings are the perfect fit!

If you are in two minds about frameless glass railings, take a look at the benefits you stand to gain with them:

Easy Maintenance

Juxtapose wood, iron, and similar railing materials with glass, and you have something much easier to clean and maintain. Intricately designed materials get messy much quicker and their beauty only lasts a few days. No one wants to invest in railings that look good only if you spend a lot of hours in a week cleaning it. With glass, you do not run that risk. Sleek and easy to clean, glass can be wiped down with a simple cleaner in a few minutes.

Afraid of scratches or damages? Polishing can take care of such issues and restore the shine of your glass railings promptly. Tempered safety glasses are treated at high temperatures to make them tough and durable, so no extreme weather condition will pose a threat. Moreover, you avert chances of rust, rot, mold, termite, and other such infestations that might have been a problem with wood. Lastly, imagine having railings that never need paints and do not ever get stained!

Safety and Durability

Alongside being super sleek and easy to maintain, frameless glass railings are extremely safe and durable. They do not have openings or slats, so if you are worried about your pet or your child sticking their limbs or heads through the creaks, or worse fall through, there is no need to be! The space between the frameless glass and its supports are tiny, leaving no room for accidents.

If you have children at home, frameless glass railings can provide peace of mind. They are difficult for children to climb and thus pose much less risk in comparison to other kinds of railings. Safety-tempered glasses do not break into sharp, large shards, so they are safe to be inserted around your staircases. They can serve as barriers against strong winds, snowfall, or rain. When exposed to high temperatures, they do not crack or change color because of external factors.

Wooden or steel railings tend to lose their shine and functionality rather quickly after a few years, but frameless glass railing keep looking perfect and functional for good.

Increment of Property Value

Do you plan to sell your house or hand it over to flippers and/or property dealers in the near or far future? If yes, frameless glass railings can amp up your property value by a considerable amount. So, even in cases where you do not plan to sell your property anytime soon, it always helps to build it in a way that is conducive to increasing property values.

For property dealers, frameless glass railings are a great idea, if they want to drive profit. This small addition helps make the property seem more attractive and valuable. Providing much-needed security, frameless glass railings offer a unique look to your property. Frameless glass railings continue to look stellar, even after years of having them around.

Unlike metal or wooden railings that look bulky and bring down visibility, frameless transparent glass railings make your property appear much bigger than it really is. Include them to stairways, backyard decks, and pool areas, and optimize the value of your property.

We, at Custom Glass Railings, specialize in frameless glass railings for modern houses. We offer consultative approaches to our clientele. We believe that every job is different, and we take pride in designing and carefully installing custom glass railings to best fit your residential aesthetic. Reach out to us today to know more about frameless glass railings!