Here are 5 Benefits of Frameless Glass Railings at Home

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Everybody wants their house to stand out among the rest of the neighborhood but what if it comes at the cost of our safety? It is definitely worth it. Consider the alternative scenario- what if you get military-grade security but your house might as well look like a prison cell? Once again, not worth the time and effort. Frameless glass railings toe the fine line between aesthetic appeal and safety assurance. But is that all or are there other reasons you should consider frameless glass railings?

Well, if you are yet to be convinced, let us take you through the 5 pros of having frameless glass railings at home:

More Space (Or So It Will Seem)

While neither framed or frameless railings will enlarge the existing space you have within your home, the latter has the potential to make it look like it did. With frameless glass railings, you will be surprised with how spacious your home will look, and that is mostly attributed to the transparent, minimalistic design of these railings. So, if you have limited space at home but wish to create an illusion of more, frameless glass railings are the way to go.

Let All The Light In

You might be safeguarding your house from all forms of disruptions and illegal interference by erecting wooden or metal railings, but what happens to all that light which could have seeped into your room unhinged, if not for those opaque railings? Well, this is where frameless glass railings come in!

With their transparent structure, you can now enjoy both the natural light and the artificial safety within the comforts of your home. You no longer need to compromise on one for the other, and most of all, you will not have to break the bank to afford the same.

Easy Maintenance

With our busy schedule, it becomes nearly impossible to keep the house and its multifarious components clean on a regular basis, and it definitely helps if the items inside the house are easy to clean and maintain. In this regard, frameless glass railings are a win-win, with both easily maintained material being used and your safety not being compromised in the process.

Do not forget, safety is after all your primary concern, but it does help to have the safety feature being easy to clean and take care off. Glass is famous for being easy to clean, requiring only a few cleaning supplies from your nearest utility store, so naturally, frameless glass railings are a breeze to work with.

Strength and Durability

We understand it seems counterproductive to erect glass railings for security, since glass is hardly famous for being durable. If anything, we have always associated glass with being fragile and brittle. But with frameless glass railings (or at least the ones we offer), you will not be looking at your everyday glass products. These railings are near-impossible to intrude or break, even with the meanest of technologies. So, rest assured, you are safe and sound inside the house.

Barring intruders, the other thing that poses a threat to glass is harsh weather conditions. But with our frameless glass railings, you do not have to lose your sleep over your precious railings on a particularly stormy night. These railings are both strong and durable, while still being affordable.

Complements Other Materials Well

If you thought glass will look bland, here is the best part- with a frameless glass railing, you in fact get more room to breathe, when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Put up some wooden handrails, stone banisters, or metal risers, and you will be transforming the look of your house overnight. Glass goes with nearly every other metal, so having frameless glass railings is the easiest and most convenient way of decorating your house while still keeping it minimalistic.

These are some of the most sought after advantages of having frameless glass railings, but the list is endless, if you take your particular case in point. At CGR, we are responsible for securing your home without disrupting the aesthetic vision you have always harbored in your heart.

Get in touch with us today and let us take care of your frameless glass railing needs!