Professional Custom Glass Railing Installation in the

CGR is a company specializing in frameless glass railings for your modern dream house. We provide a consultative approach with customers to share our experience with your ideas.

Every job is different as we take pride in designing and installing your custom glass railing system to best fit the concepts being conveyed throughout your home. We provide engineered specs with our hardware to ensure your railings meet building code requirements. All of our photos are projects we’ve done.


Custom Glass Railings made with passion.


They love us.

If you need glass railings of any sorts CGR is a call you need to make. Awesome glass railings and design. Noah, Paul and the whole crew were fantastic. Great guys that take pride in their work. Had a panel that was measured before stair nosing went in. CGR replaced the glass no questions asked. Very happy with the end result.

Andrew Han

Custom Glass Railings did an amazing job on our glass railing! They really are a focal point of our home. Amazing quality and attention to detail, the glass and installation are literally perfect! We recommend them to anyone looking to get glass railings done, don't bother shopping around, these guys are the best. Very professional, high quality, you wont be disappointed 🙂


Linda Charko

These guys are exceptional! Great personalized service and high quality work. I am very pleased with the work they did in my house. I get many compliments from friends and family. If you are looking to get glass railings you will not go wrong with CGR, highly recommend!

Veronica Gallego

exceptional team & service + exception skill & precision = perfection!!! It's been over a year since we've had our glass railings and shower installations complete and we couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you CGR!

Shari Ibbott

I just moved into my pre construction and was going to do glass railings with my builder, but was warned otherwise. Main reasons were the price and quality of install. I chose not to do it with the builder and was recommended to Custom Glass Railings. Noah was a great help and I could not even believe what he quoted me, it was half of what the builder would have charged me. I with out hesitation went with this company and am glad I did, the finished project looked exactly how I pictured it and was able to save some money. I recommend this company to anybody looking for this type of service. Highly Recomended

Norman Wong

i have used CGR on numerous sites and their work is always great and leave the site clean. Noah and Paul are always great to work with.

Adid Gewargis

We had a very good experience with CGR on a residential pool enclosure. The work was done well and their costs were very competitive as we had gotten our client 3 other quotes to compare theirs against. Even though they were coming all the way across town and dealing with a multi-day installation they did not grumble at all and completed everything they were supposed to do and came back promptly for some small adjustments. We will use them again for sure. In the past we have tried using off-the-shelf components and custom glass pieces but it is far better to have a company like CGR do it right the 1st time. There really is no savings in trying to install glass railings on your own as the smallest errors will show up easily.

BSQ Design

My major renovation required an engineer, an architect and general contractor. Part of my project was a replacement of my balcony over and above my new kitchen. I wanted a glass balustrade to compliment my Wolf composite decking. This required a building permit and engineer's signature. Noah and Paul delivered. I requested and was given references to their previous projects which I followed up on. Their previous work was exceptional. More important, Noah and Paul worked as a team and worked well, cooperating with my other contractors. As a result, the project passed inspection by the City of Mississauga. The product itself warrants comment as well. It is structurally safe and virtually maintenance free. Living in a mature neighbourhood, I get a treehouse effect looking out into my backyard. Simple use of a microfibre cloth and plain warm water [no chemical cleaners] removes the occasional bird droppings. Otherwise, I don't touch it. I let the rain itself rinse clean the glass. There are no noticeable spottings. I wanted a wow factor for my destination home. Custom Glass Railings met my technical and esthestic challenges and gave me this result.

JJ Paterson

Awesome job. Paul and Noah were professional, very well priced, high quality, and extremely responsive (we needed a tiny tweak done and they came in hours!). Highly recommended.

Jeff Alfonsi

Friendly and Professional team. Neat work. Do not hesitate to give them a call if you need a well performed glass job.

Ricardo Linares

Great professional team with a quality service. The communication was prompt and reliable, and Paul made sure that everything was perfect from start to finish. I would definitely recommend these guys!

Tim Dee

Great team of professionals that gave me exactly what I wanted. Must use if you are looking to upgrade your home into something more modern. I would give you guys a extra star if I could.

Stacey Kovacevic

In this business, it's all about service. When a contractor provides good service, and delivers on quality. You keep them around. CGR DELIVERS, Noah, Paul, and their whole team are all excellent and reflect these outstanding, and rare values. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


As a customer home builder, I've used CGR many times. From design, specifications, pricing, delivery and service, they check all the boxes. Highly recommended.


Great product and great service!. would recommend to anyone looking for a modern glass railing. Thanks CGR!

Andy Day

As a builder and renovator, we have all types of trades come through to execute their scope of work on our projects. CGR is definitely one of a kind and is absolutely the best at what they do. Their passion and craftsmanship is unparallel through starting from the initial meetings, through to the fabrication stages and right to the execution on-site. These guys are very knowledgeable and a master at thier craft. I would highly recommend Paul & Noah to any other builder, friend or family!


I build homes in the Kingsway area of Toronto and have worked with CGR on several of my builds. The most important thing is good quality workmanship but also communication. I can easily get a hold of either Paul or Noah whenever I need to with prompt answers.



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