Glass Railing Hardware

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The circular stand-off is commonly used for indoor and outdoor application. Size is typically 1 ½” diameter and 1 ½” off the mounting surface. The stand-offs are stainless steel & do come in different sizes and finishes & can be powder-coated any colour. The hardware is side mounted maximizing your stair/floor space & is most popular with its minimalistic look.


Just like the round stand-off the square one comes in stainless steel and can be powder-coated any colour. The sqaure stand-offs are not as popular as the round and come in 1 ½” diameter and mount the glass guards 2” off the surface. The hardware is side mounted and will maximize your floor/stair space.


This hardware is typically used in outdoor application and comes in stainless steel & black. The glass sits inside the center of the channel on the post, resting flat on the bottom of the channel. The spigot height is 6” being the smallest post available and surface mounts the glass on flat surfaces only, these are not good for Boldenone Troche staircases where the bottom of the glass is on a diagonal angle.


the mini-post comes in anodized aluminum, black & stainless steel. This hardware is used for outdoor application much like the spigot. The height of the post is 12” and is twice the height of the spigot. The post plate is 3”x5 ½” and is a surface mounted hardware. The glass is secured by the two caps mounted onto a mini-post. These are great for surface mounting the glass railings on a staircase as the glass can cover the steps on the diagonal angle like stand-offs.

With its commercial look the BIG beefy channel is commonly used for indoor and outdoor application. The glass sits inside the channel held together by clamps tightly securing the glass railing. The cladding covers the channel and comes in aluminum, black & stainless steel, but can be powder-coated to any colour. This hardware is surface mounted and does not work on steps, however if the top side surface of the stringer is wide enough this hardware can mount on to that to carry the glass diagonally down on the angle. Cladding clips onto the channel and hides the clamps inside with a black rubber gasket running along the top. The base shoe is 3” wide and 5” high.

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