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Handrails are associated with railings so naturally we provide custom handrails on all of our jobs.  Residential Ontario building code requires a handrail on any staircase more than 2 steps.   Depending on your layout and design we can either side mount the handrail to the glass, or side mount it on the wall, or top mount the handrail on the glass. The material can be wood or metal, any profile: round, oval, rectangular, square, flat bar.

Continuous Handrails

Ontario building code requires the handrail to be continuous on winding staircases.  Our continuous handrails are crafted with perfection.  For metal we always weld our connections and mitre the ends with a nice weld vs gluing end caps on.  Other companies may use swivel connections on the joints to continue the handrail which doesn’t look as nice as when it is all one piece welded together.   For wood we mitre cut the pieces for the change of angle with precision ideally eliminating any need for wood-fill. 

Handrail brackets

We have a few selections of handrail bracket available for us to work with but the adjustable style are the most commonly used brackets as seen in most of our photos.  The position of the handrail has to be within comfortable reach for children, usually around 34 inches but no higher than 36 inches.  A top mounted handrail on 36” high glass is acceptable by the Ontario building inspection.

Powdercoating/Painting Handrails

Metal handrails always come in stainless steel tubular or solid lengths that are cut.  If the design is for a black handrail or any other colour we will have the handrail powdercoated.  This process involves running the handrail through a machine that sprays the paint on evenly with zero residue.  The paint is baked on to the raw metal making it smooth and much more scratch resistant than spray painting the handrail with a can by hand.  Don’t worry your wedding ring will not scratch the handrail.  Powdercoating is an additional expense and has minimum lot fees.